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Teresa Spohr


Teresa Spohr
Certified Escrow Officer

Teresa is a highly skilled and dedicated escrow officer with over 12 years experience in escrow and has additional prior experience in the real estate field. She has demonstrated her commitment to excellence by obtaining her professional designation as a Certified Escrow Officer through the California Escrow Association. She continues to be a true professional by maintaining that designation and taking advantage of as many educational opportunities as possible. She provides quality service for residential sales, refi, commercial and business opportunity escrows.

Not only is Teresa a great escrow officer, she has many creative talents as well. She enjoys sewing, crocheting, writing, hiking, square dancing, and reading. She is affectionately known as "the poem lady" at the local Real Estate MLS meetings, where she recited her own "PR" poems every week for a number of years. She brought even more smiles to the group by dressing for each theme. She believes above all in being the best she can be no matter what the endeavor.